Traceability Solutions to

Meet Global Market Standards

Ensuring every step of your supply chain is transparent, immutable and secure

Food and Beverages Supply Chain

Food & beverage companies face increasing legislation requirements from authorities,
increasing transparency and sustainability expectations from consumers. TraX addresses these core challenges with the same single platform, delivering a proven scalable, agile, and cost-effective solution.

Framework Sample

Building brand confidence when exporting

Product authenticity is crucial to protect customer’s rights and health. TraX’s unique product solution prevents fraud and parralel imports, allowing businesses to track real-time location on the supply chain and enables seamless communication between your customers.

Case Study: Track & Trace from Production Line to Customers

Oversea’s mooncake, one of Malaysia’s largest mooncake manufacturer produces near 1 million pieces of mooncake anually. Taken a step towards innovation while preserving the culture, Oversea’s aims not only to use traceability to expand in the digital market; but also to further explore on the potential of the technology.

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