Increase Your Revenue While

Optimizing Your
Supply Chain with TraX

Wants to Track & Trace Your Supply Chain Seamlessly?


Strategic Partner of APAC


TraX traceability solutions allows you to save time, money, and the headache of merging different solutions into one.

With our unique packaged traceability solutions, you will be able to go digital easily, even with existing systems. With additional features to ensure you get the data analytics you need to connect and upsell to your customers!


Efficiently Track Supply Chain Journey


Trace Each Step of The Product Journey


Analyze & Optimize Supply Chains


Track Products Which Are Being Exported Out


Allow Customers to Verify Products


Data Analytics for Optimizing Revenue

Our Mission

Through TraX’s strategic partnership with AntChain, connecting products with users is done seamlessly and efficiently, leaving no room for discrepancies. Which allows for a transparent and immutable solution for all.

Our Vision

TraX envisions a world that is fundamentally built on traceability. Allowing people to trust companies and connect with them on a whole new level.


Connect Your Supply Chains In a Whole New Way

Let us help you to empower your enterprise to coordinate, manage and share supply chain data. As well as creating brand confidence with your existing customers and the market through tactical campaigns via unique QR codes for your products.

Data Analytics

TraX data analytics not only has details on the product journey and production, but also the end users’ habits. This allows companies to manage Their marketing spends and strategies based on the systematic data received from the end users.

QR Code Scanning

TraX QR code function allows an easy way for users to retrieve data without having to go through manual process. It functions as a way to add on a product story through short video content, product information and more.

Digitalise Your
Business Seamlessly

TraX allows users to be onboard to the system and track important key touch points. Data is stored digitally, which is more efficient, manageable and prevents any human error.


TraX authenticator prevents any grey area in supply chains. Every QR code is unique and helps manage any fraud or quality control issues.


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