Traceability as Services

Why Are Supply Chain Traceability Tools Needed?

This is due to several factors. For companies that do not utilize traceability tools, the payment on the traceability technology investment tends to be rapid. Traceability systems typically pay for themselves during the first product recall. Being able to quickly identify only the products that need to be recalled versus those during a longer period of production can make an enormous difference and minimize the financial impact of the recall Using technology to enable traceability can have additional benefits. Using technology to facilitate traceability can provide a treasure trove of data that can be used for other purposes to help improve your business and operational processes. In addition, having access to this real time data can help you to improve and streamline your operation and business processes
Unit-level product traceability and authentication are at the core of resilient and agile supply chains.

By tracking an individual product’s unique journey through each step of the supply chain brands can proactively use real data and insights to resolve issues related to product sustainability, production efficiency, regulatory compliance and risk.

Creating augmented products is the only way brands can communicate directly with 100% of their consumers. Delivering personalized experiences in an increasingly competitive and global market. By sharing unit-level authenticity and provenance information with consumers, brands reinforce transparency and build trust, protecting both revenue and reputation

Secure unique ID’s as the foundation

Trax’s solution generates millions of unique and secure ID’s. The codes are carrier agnostic, which means they can be implemented in QR codes, NFC, RFID tags, barcodes, human readable – and any new technology that may arise in the future.

Risk management

Stop counterfeit products and illicit trade, give each of your products their own digital identity in mass volume and at low cost. Protect your reputation, revenue and consumers.

More than a serial number – Using our intelligent technology, a unique Trax ID shines a light on every black market. It’s a unique code, assigned to a product forever. It can’t be hacked, even with a supercomputer. And a fake trax ID always gets detected

Financial Post

Counterfeits cost the pharma industry 75B$ a year.